For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in photography. The way that photographers can capture a moment in time that will be immortalized forever in that photo has always been fascinating to me. I love flipping through the pages of magazines like National Geographic and watching their photographers bring the world to life as we haven't seen it before. It is beautiful. 

Choosing diversity in my photography allows me to be flexible and enjoy taking photos of a New York City street, a beautiful bride on her wedding day, or someone who spent months working on a costume of their favorite character. I love doing photoshoots on location, but I also have a small home studio set up that I have been working with, so I can offer the flexibility of both options. 

Whatever it is that I am taking a photo of, it is my goal to capture what it truly represents and evoke emotion from the person that is viewing the photo. 

I am the 2019 St.Catharines Standard Readers Choice Diamond Award Winner for Photography services and have been featured on IGN.com, Today Niagara Magazine, Buzzfeed, Geek Enthusiast Magazine, and other publications.